Image Gravures aims to strengthen growth and move ahead towards gaining significance internationally. Image Gravures welcomes the world to encourage its efforts and help escalate it worldwide.
Image Gravures serves with 2 pearls, the black and silver pearls, as in the ceramic and chrome anilox cylinders respectively. These cylinders are perfectly engraved to serve the printing as well as packaging industry.


• Direct Laser Engraving
• Electromechanical Engraving
• Mechanical Engraving

ceramic anilox roller applications

• Flexo Printing
• Film Coating Lines
• UV Printing
• Coating & Special Applications

chrome anilox roller applications

• Printing & Packaging
• Film
• Lamination


• Hard-wearing Ceramic anilox rolls that is resistant to both scratches and scoring when in    contact with steel doctor blades.
• A ceramic coating also increases its ability to resist corrosion.
• Direct Laser Engraving Technology allows for exceptional anilox cell engraving to give precise ink transfer.
• Highest screen resolution (LPI– Lines Per Inch) and Cell Volumes (BCM– Billion Cubic    Micron). This ability enables printers to have an unlimited range of cell geometries to meet all graphic needs.