The dire necessity of DIRECT LASER for both printing and packaging is a spread word globally. Image Gravures takes utmost proud in being the first Indian company in utilization of this new technique of direct laser engraving in its embossing cylinders.
We are equipped with Twin Head Laser for engraving on Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Ceramic, Ebonite and other material for different industrial applications.


• Direct Laser Engraving
• CNC 3D Engraving


• Meticulously engraved
• Wear resistant
• Variable 2-D and 3-D embossing engraving
• Laser sharp line works


• Male / female embossing rollers
• Rollers for cork tip & UV Ductile printing
• Embossing rollers for Tobacco, Figured Glass, Leather, PVC, Wedding Cards, Aluminium Foils, Lenticular Films, Security Printing, Ceramic Anilox Rollers, High GSM coating, etc.